CADD Centre forays into pre-school segment with the launch of Dreamflower

Untitled-1“ Montessori ”- emphasizing on independence for learning, Dr. Maria Montessori who was Italy’s first female physician lit a candle for this revolution of educational methodologies. She observed how young people learn best when engaged in purposeful activity rather than simply being fed info and drew upon her scientific background and clinical understanding to shape up this revolutionary methodology.

While many of the high-schools are already following this as a teaching methodology; Dreamflower is a proud “pre-school” to implement this best in class teaching methods for the tender toddlers as well and succeeding from last 9 months. Dreamflower is an initiative of Asia’s leading training institute CADD Centre, which is very well known for its learning and teaching methodologies from last 27 years. The pre-school is on the same path with the base of the Montessori Method of Education, which emphasizes modern style of learning and not just learning through watching, listening, or reading.

In typical traditional methods based pre-schools, a teacher imparts topic-specific concepts to a group which means everyone is taught (not learns!) the same lesson at the same time (at their own pace though). In pre-schools without Montessori, you will find over-charged walls, cartoon figures, super-heroes, or any over-stimulating visuals .Whereas temporarily enjoyable by children; they soon become a major distraction to the learning process and detract from achieving a balanced environment.

Schools with Montessori approach are not bound by the curriculum in a classroom; children are constantly challenged and can progress at their own pace. They are also provided with special multi-sensory materials unique to the Montessori Method, which fosters critical thinking and problem solving skills in them. The goal of both Montessori and traditional preschools remains the same: to provide learning experiences for the child. Montessori schools have mixed age groups; the child discovers his own concepts from self-teaching tasks, while the latter have same age group and the child is guided by the teacher who is the center of the classroom. The hallmarks of Montessori style include:

  • Discover answers for yourself (a lifelong learning)
  • Environment matters- Physical, cognitive, emotional and social (every small change that needs to be scaled per the age group or mental ability)
  • Be active, and creative
  • Respect all – nature, people, and planet

CADD Centre with this initiative for transforming the pre-school education has already started bridging the gaps that traditional method of education has created. CADD Centre has been successful in playing its role towards preparing those cute and high potential toddlers, to be ready for the tough world ahead!

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