Engineering Education and Job Satisfaction

A couple of years back, a bachelor’s degree in engineering was assumed to be enough to achieve success in the career. But, with more competitiveness in the industries, the employers now seek candidates that hold advanced degrees in engineering. These degrees also helps the professional to move into job roles that are more challenging, highly paid, and with more responsibilities.

Recent research about degrees and job roles stated that:

  • Bachelor’s degree was the most common degree across the technical industries.
  • Master’s degree held the second highest position.
  • An exception was seen in the education sector that held a higher number of doctoral degrees.

Degree Types and Job Roles

Degrees plays a significant role in the employee job responsibilities. A match between the job roles and education is thus important for success. Therefore, people who wish to succeed in their career opt for advanced degrees in their field. It is often observed that:

  • Most of the successful people working in the same field of their education had both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.
  • These professionals persuaded for a higher level of education to gain a deeper understanding of their fields and advance on their career paths.

Job Satisfaction

It is one of the most motivating factors to go for an advanced degree.

  • Most of the professionals believe that having a masters or a PhD degree helps them excel in their career.
  • It helps to gain an improvedbreadth of knowledge and expertise in their filed.
  • It gives professionals a higher level of job satisfaction and enjoyment of their tasks.
  • Lastly, it offers a high range of salary which gives them a feeling of satisfaction.