ETABS 2016 16.2.0 Enhancements

This version of ETABS is stacked with stunning features for Analysis, Modelling, Result Display and Output.


  1. a) Creep & Shrinkage: This feature includes the rebar effect, which can help reduce axial shortening of walls and columns. The feature lets you choose two options for Longitudinal Rebar Ratio- From Design and User Specified Ratio and two for Vertical Rebar Ratio- From Design and User Specified Ratio.


  1. b) Modal Damping: This feature provides more conservative and realistic results through linear and nonlinear direct-integration time-history analysis. Here you can choose options for Viscous Proportional Damping and Additional Modal Damping.


The new updates consist of new codes for shrinkage, creep, and stiffness aging. The models are New Zealand Standard 3101-2006, Australian Standard 3600-2009, Eurocode 2-2004, and GL 2000.

Result Display and Output

The result is displayed on slab cracked-width on Eurocode 2-2004.