Sneak Peek on Top Eight Features of SOLIDWORKS 2019

The SOLIDWORKS World 2018 showed off some of the awe features to come in SOLIDWORKS 2019, and some of these features caused the Los Angeles crowd to break out in unprompted applause. But now, with the beginning of 2019 we will actually see these new features of SOLIDWORKS 2019 live. Before that, let’s have sneak peek on these top 8 features:

3D Texturize Body

This feature promises to be a massive boon in screening products as they look in real life, such as a grip on a lever. It generates an offset mesh body from current stable, with control panels to refine the size and texture.


Mesh Slicing and Topology Study

The upcoming version of the software will do a form optimization taking inputs as stress, factor of care and occurrence constraints. More so, the new net slicing feature would help make drawings from the subsequent mesh body and uphold positions.


Group Mates by Rank

As you can group mates by their position you’ll be able to cluster mistakes as suppressed, lazy, cracked, and over-defined mates together.


Partial Fillet

You’ll like that chamfers and fillets can be partly useful to an edge. You’ll be able to regulate the distance, percentage, orientation, and drag lever offsets.

E-Drawings and VR Support

SOLIDWORKS 2019 will add Virtual Reality to support E-Drawing viewers, thereby allowing users to view virtual drawings.



SOLIDWORKS Visualize will integrate NVIDIA’s AI-based Optix “DE noising” technology to quickly provide photo realistic renderings. SOLIDWORKS will give a 10x boost in rendering performance.



Now the users will have capabilities of Defeaturing Assemblies, protecting the form and spirit of an assembly while beating irrelevant or delicate details.



People who like to take notes by hand, this 2019 generation software will allow users to markup their model’s handwritten notes, which will be saved with that model. The next generation of software will enable users to bring some exciting possibilities to Microsoft surface users. Microsoft surface pen users will also be able to get most out of their stylus, as the software will automatically convert drawing into an applicable feature.

Notably, SOLIDWORKS 2019 is all set to revolutionize the design industry in the 2019. So, get ready to witness some dramatic transformation in 2019 with these new SOLIDWORKS features.