The Future of CAD: Emerging Trends in Product Design

The CAD/CAE industry is now able to manage more activities with the help of advanced enterprise or global solutions. The design engineers across multiple sectors are currently working with the new industry standards insisting the middle managers to work with the advanced design patterns. These patterns are also more inclined towards the customer demands as well as their own creative ability.

Simulation Workflow Management (SWM)

Although, the simulation activities carried out using the traditional desktop applications are capable of leveraging the power of global enterprise solutions across boundless data centres, the new technologies will make the complex design simulation task simpler. One of such a method is the Simulation Workflow Management (SWM).

  • It is a concept that integrates workflow management with the simulation technology.
  • SWM is used across the design industry for simulation purposes.
  • It also aims to make the simulation task of a complicated design simpler and readily available through its different features and functionalities.

Simulation Challenges

  • Simulation, in the traditional approaches, required computational resources and rigorous data transfers which is not always a good approach as the technology is transforming every day.
  • The emerging technologies also challenge the leaders with the large global simulation workflows across the multi-domain environments.

However, over the next few years, technologies such as the increased bandwidth, data centre capabilities on a worldwide basis, and the new business technologies will resolve these challenges.

The ESTECO Project

ESTECO, a software provider has gained extensive experience in this area. They align the optimization and simulation techniques with the standard industry. The company also have accepted the norms and the different notations to mitigate these challenges. It is currently working and testing a groundbreaking multi-domain SWM solution. The application will help different industries to innovate the different customized tools for the CAD/CAE industry.

SMW Making Product Design Easy

Such a technology breakthrough will be highly beneficial for the people working in the CAD/CAE technologies.

  • The technology will allow them to develop and store the simulation workflow process as the people at the different managerial levels controls and tests new ideas and concepts from any other computing device.
  • It will help the product and service designers and developers to explore new design alternatives and techniques to achieve them.
  • The technology will also be able to maintain a history of their SWM concepts and techniques.

The SWM technology, therefore, makes working in the simulation environment easy for the research and development teams. Moving forward, we can also expect new opportunities in this technology.