It takes a solid approach to make designs Work

Solidworks is a 3D CAD design software that runs on Microsoft platforms. The developer of the product, Dassault Systems, France, has launched the new version, christened Solidworks 2015, in September, 2014.

Solidworks is based on solid modeling method. That is, it uses mathematical and computer modeling of 3D solids to create, exchange, visualize, animate and annotate digital models of physical objects.

The modules of SolidWorks 2015 vastly improves productivity, work processes, and reduce operating costs. There are six major modules: 3D CAD, Simulation, Product Data Management, 3D Experience, Technical Communication, and Electrical Design.

Dec-14_cThe key features of 3D CAD are CAD design, revision control, costing, parts and assembly modeling, Photoview 360, tolerance analysis, and CAD library. The Simulation software helps designers test their product designs for real world conditions without having to develop a live prototype. Engineers can do structural analysis, thermal analysis, structural optimization, fatigue analysis, electronics cooling and motion analysis, among others.


Engineers can find, repurpose files, parts, drawings and share design information with Solidworks Product Data Management module. In addition they can automate the workflows. The module is used also for file management, design reuse, and revision management. The Electrical Design software helps engineers quickly plan the embedded electrical systems. The Technical Communication module helps designers produce product manuals, manufacturing and assembly instructions, training system manuals, installation instructions, maintenance and repair instructions and even create interactive product demonstrations.

SolidWorks 2015 delivers solutions for a wide array of industries and markets. Users can easily enhance the aesthetics of consumer products and apparel, and simulate construction machinery, building infrastructure and machine tools better than ever before.

Thanks to such a comprehensive set of modules that address all design needs of engineers, Solidworks has been a widely used engineering software tool. It has over two million users in about 165,000 companies cutting across a wide cross section of industry – from automobiles to petrochemical industries. To know more about SolidWorks and the courses available, contact your nearest CADD Centre.

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